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Professional Experience


September 2021 - Present

As a Learning Experience Designer at Askuity, Dustin lead the development of educational content for the Home Depot's Supplier Analytics Program. In this role, he originated the rollout of the program's educational courses and modular learning content. As a Learning experience Designer, Dustin collaborates with subject matter experts to ideate and design content that will meet supplier needs and company goals while delivering an engaging and enjoyable user experience. As a direct result of this content, the program has been able to achieve exponential growth in targeted supplier tool usage driving company and supplier financial performance.


September 2019 - September 2021

As a Communication specialist Dustin leveraged his experience in UX design and his career as a video content creator to drive user adoption and engagement with the Askuity PoS analytics platform and the Supplier Analytics Program. Through the creation of high fidelity prototypes, online video, learning modules, UX functionality, in-app guides, and user demos Dustin helped to improve the onboarding and education of program users so that they could focus on optimizing their businesses.


September 2013 - present

Dustin's first job was as a Freelance Video Editor, with that work becoming his full-time career for much of the time between 2015 and 2018. In this time Dustin built up a strong network of clients and created a variety of digital media content for both commercial and artistic release. Clients include brands such as Mediaface, Ryerson University, CAA, and the Ontario Government.


September 2019 - January 2020

As the program coordinator for the Technology Leadership Initiative (TLI) within the faculty of computer science Dustin worked to ensure students were given valuable industry experience, leadership training, and opportunities to develop professionally and personally within the cohort. In this role, Dustin served as the head of communications between all internal and external stakeholders, he planned and executed all program events - including our highly successful 2019 program launch in partnership with Scotiabank, and aided in the fostering and mentoring of the future of technology in Canada which TLI's cohorts represent.


September 2018 - September 2019

As a UX and Communications Associate within the Trans Media Zone incubator, Dustin worked in collaboration with xSensa Labs performing user research and testing on the Sensaflow app. Dustin previously served with xSensa Labs as a ux copy writer and communications associate for the Sensaride app. It was also through the Trans Media Zone where Dustin successfully completed a variety of video editing projects with Origins Media Haus. A portion of Dustin's work with the Trans Media Zone has since been published in the 2019 issue of Rough Draft Magazine.


June 2018 - August 2018

As a payroll agent, Dustin worked to ensure that payroll information was communicated efficiently and effectively to the more than 52,000 employees of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer following the 2018 General Election. This was the largest general election in Ontario history.


April 2018 - June 2018
April 2014 - June 2014

In 2014 Dustin served as a member of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer for the duration of the 2014 General Election. During this time he led several teams handling quality control and communications with mail-in voters. Dustin was asked to return to this role in 2018, leading the communications team for missing information. During this time Dustin personally handled the cases of thousands of users, and alongside his team achieved the most successful absentee voter election in Canadian history.


April 2015 - August 2015

Serving as an assistant in the compliance division Dustin aided in the handling of all compliance records for the 2014 General Election. In this role Dustin also successfully redesigned the complaints system, improving user efficiency and learnability.


June 2014 - August 2014

As a data entry clerk, Dustin worked alongside team members to successfully ensure that the voter registry was updated and quality was maintained across all Ontario voter databases.



CV: List


Dustin Krysztofiak has edited several award-winning and nominated projects. His commercial credits include: the CAA 2017 Safety Patrol national video campaign, Comms week 2018, Ryerson Master of Digital Media promotional material and a variety of Origins Media Haus productions including Dalewood Golf Course, Ryerson Speakers Corner, Social Lite Vodka, We Need Date Night, and many more. 

In more recent years Dustin has primarily worked producing videos and motion graphics for The Home Depot's Supplier Analytics Program. His videos have helped to ensure the success of the program both through marketing and supplier education. Videos produced by Dustin have been used as part of The Home Depot's international SAAS promotion strategy as well as in the newly launched Analytics Advisor Program.

Dustin has also worked with a variety of independent artists on award-winning short films including Grads (2017) [Official Selection RUFF 2017], Miss You (2017) [Official Selection RUFF 2017], We Are Like Dust (2017) [Official Selection RUFF 2017], Louie (2016), and 1968 (2016) [Winner: Screenwriting Miami 4 Social Change Film Festival. Finalist: USA Film Festival. Official Selection: Regina International Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, Youth Lens Film Festival, IFFSA, Dumbo Film Festival, APA Film Festival, Inshort Film Festival]


Dustin Krysztofiak has several years of directing experience personally creating and directing a variety of productions ranging from narrative to documentary and commercial productions including credits on What's Funny (2016), Poposophy The Web Series (2016), Radio to The Sky (2016), and Mind Over Spine (2016).


Dustin has produced a range of projects largely in collaboration with Ryerson funded entities including Poposophy The Web Series (2016) which was fully funded by the Ryerson Communication & Design Society as well as the 2018 Master of Digital Media video campaign funded by the Ryerson MDM program. Dustin also served as a consultant on the documentary Agents For Change which was developed through the Ryerson Digital Media Experience Lab.

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